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Resumen de los objetivos

Asegura tu futuro profesional.

Domina todos los aspectos de la cadena logística, desde el punto de vista técnico, comercial, jurídico, económico y político.

Planifica y lleva a cabo una gestión empresarial eficiente del transporte y la logística

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Master's Thesis

The project will be developed under the supervision of a Director and will be intended to show the student's capacity to apply the acquired knowledge.

The project will be delivered before the student starts the internship period. The Master's Thesis will be presented to a committee.

In order to be awarded with the Title of the Master in Transport and Logistics Management of the University of Oviedo, students will have to pass all the courses, present the Master's Thesis and receive a positive evaluation of the internship period.


  • Article 1.- These rules are intended to regulate the proposal, development and presentation of the Master's Thesis of the Master in Transport and Logistics Management.
  • Article 2.- The project is a Research Study/Essay/Analysis related to any of the courses included in the Study Programme of the Master.
  • Article 3.- Before presenting the project, students must have passed all the courses of the Master.
  • Article 4.- All the projects will be reviewed by -at least- one Supervisor.
  • Article 5.- Supervisors will be:
    1. Any University lecturer included in the Teaching Plan of the Master at the time of the proposal and the presentation of the project.
    2. Professionals that have been engaged in any of the activities developed in the Master can be the co-directors of the project
  • Article 6.- The supervisor will guide the student providing him / her with all the necessary information to develop the project. However, the supervisor will not take part in the development of the project since it is the duty of the students.
  • Article 7.- Students will present a "Master's Thesis Proposal" with a description of the project. This proposal will be submitted to the Coordinator of the Master who will present it to the Master's Thesis Committee for its evaluation
  • Article 8.- The Master's Thesis Committee will be integrated by the Board of the Master.
  • Artículo 9.- When the project is completed and has been approved by the supervisor (a university lecturer), students will deliver three bound copies and one electronic version to the Secretary of the Master together with the Approval of the Supervisor. Formal issues are detailed in Appendix I, II and III.
  • Article 10.- The Master's Thesis Committee will appoint the Committee and arrange the date, time and place for the presentation of each project.
  • Article 11.- The Committee will be integrated by three members. The president will be a member of the Management Team; the secretary will be a member of the teaching staff of the Master; finally, the last member of the Committee will be the supervisor of the project.
  • Article 12.-The presentation of the project will consist on an oral presentation that will take no longer than 20 minutes. In addition, students will have to answer the questions of the members of the Committee.
  • Article 13.- The qualification of each project will be agreed by the members of the Committee.
  • Article 14.- Any element which is not considered in the previous articles will be considered and decided by the Master's Thesis Committee.

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