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Resumen de los objetivos

Asegura tu futuro profesional.

Domina todos los aspectos de la cadena logística, desde el punto de vista técnico, comercial, jurídico, económico y político.

Planifica y lleva a cabo una gestión empresarial eficiente del transporte y la logística

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Which is the profile of the students of the Master?
TUniversity graduates with different educational backgrounds. In order to provide students with a comprehensive and homogeneous knowledge in several fields (statistics, law and economy) special seminars are taught at the beginning of the Master.
Is it possible to register in the Master without having finished my degree?
In compliance with the regulations of the University, students expecting to complete their studies before the ending of the Master can apply for a conditional registration. In order to receive the Masters' Degree, students must have completed their university studies when finishing the Master. The rules concerning the Specific Degrees of the University can be checked in the Regulations.
I have just finished my degree and the records of a free-choice course have not been delivered yet. Can I proceed to the pre-registration although I cannot present the required documentation?
You can proceed to a temporary pre-registration with the available documents. In this case, the admission will be subject to the presentation of the required documentation.
Is it compulsory to attend to all the lessons?
The attendance to 80% of the lessons is compulsory. This rate is calculated for every course.
What do the seminars consist on? Are they compulsory?
On Mondays and Fridays, professionals and executive directors of the sector of transport and logistics teach special seminars in the Master. These professionals provide the course with an added value thanks to their know-how, their experience and their practical vision. Assistance to the seminars is mandatory.
Which is the timetable of the seminars?
Generally, seminars run in the same timetable of regular lessons (although exceptions can be made).
What is the internship period?
It is a six-month period in a company of the sector where students can complete the received training.
Where are the internships located?
Internships can be done in all the national territory. In addition to Asturias, some of the most frequent destinations are: Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Santander, Valencia and Vigo.
Are internships paid?
So far, in more than 80% of the cases, companies pay students in the internship period.
Which are the career prospects after completing the Master?
The different degrees and backgrounds of students combined with the Master create profiles that can meet the demands of the companies of the sector in several fields: maritime transport, road transport, international trade, logistics operators, freight-forwarders, etc.
Which is the labour integration rate for students of the Master?
Labour integration of students that have finished the Master is very high: currently, it accounts for more than 90%.
Why choosing this Master?
Official Degrees offered by Spanish universities do not include courses on Transport and Logistics. Therefore, this Master is intended to meet the need for qualified professionals of the companies of the sector. All means of transportation are studied in the Master, with lessons and seminars taught by renowned professionals of each sector..
Which is the satisfaction level of the course?
We consider the level of satisfaction to be very high according to the following considerations:
  • Students express a high level of satisfaction in the evaluation of the course and recommend the Master to other graduates trying to complete their education.
  • Lhe companies where students do their internships report the high performance and the outstanding training of the graduates.
    The level of labour integration is very high.

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